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Fire Extinguisher Inspections - San Jose CATo ensure your Fire extinguishers are ready to be used in an emergency the NFPA requires an inspection every month. While visual inspections are fairly quick and easy, many customers have us handle these inspections. During each inspection, our technician will start with a visual inspection of the unit. After this, they will clean the extinguisher, check the pull pin, and inspect the hose as well as the seals. Finally, they will provide documentation that each of your fire extinguishers were in proper working order at the time of inspection.

An annual inspection is mandated by state codes. For the annual inspection, we come to your place of business and inspect every fire extinguisher. Each extinguisher is visually inspected and weighed. We examine the body for any damage or defect, perform a pressure check, verify the safety seal is still in place, check all components to ensure proper functionality and replace all service tags. We may perform internal maintenance and hydrostatic testing depending on the age of the fire extinguisher.

Stored pressure ABC extinguishers are the most common and do require extra maintenance at the 6 and 12-year marks. Every six years ABC extinguishers should undergo internal maintenance on the internal components. At the twelve-year mark, hydrostatic testing should be performed. Other types of extinguishers may vary in their internal examination and testing intervals. Our technicians are fully trained to perform any necessary maintenance.

Finally, our technicians will verify the extinguisher is of the correct type for the area, as well as the hazard it is protecting against. It is vital to use the proper extinguisher for a specific hazard. If the extinguisher is not of the proper type our technicians will make recommendations on how to best protect against the potential hazard.

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