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Exit Sign

Exit Sign Installation & Fire Alarm Testing - San Jose CAWe can handle all of your monthly and yearly inspections mandated by the National Fire Protection Association under the California code. Our hassle-free inspections ensure you have all the needed documentation to be in compliance with the relevant codes. Additionally, we provide thorough reports for your records in the event they are needed either for the fire department or your insurance company.

During our inspections, we will inspect, repair, and replace your exit sign fixtures if needed. Monthly tests can typically be completed in under 5 minutes, which means minimal disruption to your business. If a fixture is not working we will diagnose the problem, and repair or replace it as needed.

Annual tests take a minimum of 90 minutes to complete due to requiring a stricter testing procedure. The statutes requiring the battery backup to be functional for a full 90 minutes in the event of a loss of power. While the test can be time-consuming, it should not result in any disruption of your business. We start by visually inspecting and labeling every fixture of every exit light and then turning on the battery backup system. As the exit signs finish their tests we will go back through and document all the results. From there we make any needed repairs or replacements and provide you all needed documentation of the test.

Emergency Lighting

Fire Safety Lights | Testing and Installation - San Jose CAIt is imperative that emergency lights and exit signs are inspected annually. As with fire extinguishers, Nickell Fire Protection, Inc. can keep you in compliance with safety codes and ensure that these emergency lights provide life saving illumination during earthquakes, power outages, or other emergencies.

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